Banglalink Internet offer 2020 [free & special]

Today I am giving you some great Banglink Internet Offer 2020. Here you get amazing low cost blur internet packages and MB offers. I will share the Banglink Super Internet offer with you. If you have read this entire article completely, you can get the Blow Internet Package safely from here.

Guys, are you tired of getting Banglink internet offers? You searched a lot but could not find the right place. Visit the website Here we have collected Banglink Internet offers. Check these internet offers so that you can make a choice.

banglalink internet offer
banglalink internet offer

Banglalink is one of the most powerful telecom companies in Bangladesh. Established in 1995, the company offers a strong network of customers as well as internet and minute offers at low prices. People searching on the internet how to get banglink internet offers 2020 with low prices. Today I will try to give you some ideas about bl offers.

Banglink Internet Offer 2020:

The Banglink Internet Offer 2020 has already been updated in July. We release all data offers as per new updates. If you are getting a great internet offer, then you can choose your favorite offer from this list. Here I have provided all the internet offers for you. So all offers here are currently active, you can choose any data package.

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Follow this list to purchase internet packs from all packages of Banglink Internet offers. From this list, customers will come to know and be aware of all Internet packages. Currently, I spend a lot of time making a list of the most amazing Internet packages. Which will benefit you. Hope you enjoy all these great internet offers from here. I just made a list of Banglink Internet Offers 2020

All Internet pack List for Banglalink:

Data PackageData PriceActivation CodeValidity
2 MB85 Paisha*5000*519#1 Day
3 MB1.5 Tk*5000*518#1 Day
9 MBTk. 3*5000*513#1 Day
12 MBTk. 4*5000*520#1 Day
32 MBTk. 9*5000*529#1 Day
45 MBTk. 10*5000*543#1 Day
60 MBTk. 15*5000*502#3 Days
75 MBTk. 13*5000*543#4 Days
100 MBTk. 20*5000*522#7 Days
120 MBTk. 50*5000*523#30 Days
160 MBTk. 30*5000*501#7 Days
250 MBTk. 75*5000*517#10 Days
300 MBTk. 99*5000*503#30 Days
500 MBTk. 100*5000*582#7 Days
600 MBTk. 150*5000*504#30 Days
1 GBTk. 36*5000*36#4 Days
1 GBTk. 76*5000*76#7 Days
1 GBTk. 199*5000*503#30 Days
1GBTk. 210*5000*581#30 Days
1.5 GBTk. 275*5000*511#30 Days
2 GBTk. 49*5000*49#4 Days
2 GBTk. 209*5000*581#30 Days
2 GBTk. 350*5000*506#30 Days
3 GBTk. 99*5000*799#7 Days
5 GBTk. 108*5000*108#7 Days
4 GBTk. 500*5000*508#30 Days
8 GBTk. 900*5000*509#30 Days
10 GBTk. 199*5000*199#7 Days
12 GBTk. 129*5000*577#7 Days
15 GBTk. 1500*5000*510#30 Days
18 GBTk. 499*5000*508#30 Days
1 GB YoutubeTk. 19*5000*345#2 Days
250 MB IMOTk. 10*5000*725#7 Days
100 MB Social pkTk. 07*5000*576#7 Days
30 MB FacebookTk. 1.5*5000*414#4 Days


Banglink Internet Recharge Offer:

Here I am providing all the data of Banglink internet recharge offer which you can recharge and enjoy. The following is a list of offers that can be made available via mobile recharge or dial code. We have mentioned the quantity, price and duration of internet there. You can recharge the amount to follow this list. I hope you can do this easily

Data PackagePrice & RechargeValidity
500 MBTk. 367 Days
1.5 GBTk. 997 Days
2.5 GBTk. 1297 Days
1.5 GB 200 MB BounsTk. 20930 Days
3 GBTk. 39930 Days


Banglalink 1GB Offer:

I have created a new table separating the 1GB internet offer from Banglink. I have made necessary arrangements to get 1 GB internet offer. USSD codes and equivalent money recharge are required to activate. You see the list:

1 GBTk. 36*5000*36#4 Days
1 GBTk. 76*5000*76#7 Days
1 GBTk. 199*5000*503#30 Days
1GBTk. 210*5000*581#30 Days
1.5 GBTk. 275*5000*511#30 Days


banglalink internet offer 2020
banglalink internet offer 2020

BL 1GB 36Tk Offer:

Banglalink has released 1GB internet offer for 3 days with a validity of just 36 days. This is the cheapest pack among their 1GB internet offers. But this offer is applicable to all prepaid customers. You can take the offer by dialing the activation code. * 5000 * 36 # or recharge Tk 36 to dial this offer. You can activate this offer by using it. 1GB of internet can be used for any purpose.

Banglink 1 GB 76 Taka Offer:

If you want to use more internet for a lower price then you can get 1GB of internet within a week. If you are looking for internet package for a period of 07 days, then this offer will be good for you. The 1GB internet here is only 76 Taka’s. Reserve this offer to dial BDT 76 or * 5000 * 76 #. To know the balance of the package, dial * 5000 * 500 #.

Banglalink 1GB 199Tk Offer:

Looking for 1GB Internet Pack in the long term. Bl offers you 1GB internet pack for 30 days. It will cost only 199 BDT to carry 1GB data pack in a month. You can buy this offer online and use the “My Banglink App”. Dial * 5000 * 503 # to get inter offer today. Customers can purchase packs multiple times.

Bl 1GB @ 275 Taka:

Banglink has released 1.5GB excellent internet offer. Providing customers with 1.5 GB of internet for just 275 Taka for long-term Internet access. From here you can buy 1.5 GB of internet for 30 days with 275 vaccines. Dial * 5000 * 511 # to avail this offer. The duration is 30 days.

Banglink 2GB Internet Offer:

While floating in the tide of offers, the whole country is offering all the great offers of internet. Only then do you take the necessary internet package. Here is a list of 2GB internet offers based on customer preference. You look at these packages and buy the package you need:

Banglalink 2GB 49Tk Offer:

Today I will share 2GB internet pack. You can get this offer if needed. Their regular data offer is 2GB internet. Only 49 Taka is required to purchase excellent internet offers. Every customer can buy and enjoy 2GB internet package, and enjoy this internet pack and share it with your friends. Dial * 5000 * 49 # to avail this offer. The duration is 4 days.

Banglalink 2GB Internet 209Tk Offer:

To always be happy with this awesome 2GB Internet offer, just know the code and buy it, which completes a period of 30 days. I will discuss this data pack in detail with you. You can do this Get 2GB internet at just 209 Taka. As a monthly internet package can be great. Buy this offer – 2048 MB Internet. * 5000 * 581 # to get this offer. The duration of this offer is 30 days.

Banglink Internet Package 2020:

Banglalink Internet Package
Everyday many people search for Banglink internet packages. To meet their needs, BL has released new internet packages. And they are also concerned about their safety. A customer can safely take these data packages from here. There are many internet packages here, buy internet packs of your choice.

Banglalink 3GB 99Tk Offer:

There is a good internet package – 3 GB internet at 99 Taka. As always, you can dial the USSD code and get the 3GB internet package. The 99 GB 3 GB data pack is applicable to all. Buy and use as required. Customers can dial * 5000 * 799 # or recharge 99 Taka to avail this offer. The duration of internet is 07 days. You can buy 3GB internet offer from here.

Banglink 5GB 108Tk Offers:

It’s time to find the best offers from all the great internet offers. This telecom company always tries to be the all time champion for the publication of internet. Now you can pay 5 GB internet with only 108 BDT. And the internet is ending 07 days. Dial * 5000 * 108 # to avail Banglink 5GB internet offer. The expiration is 07 days.

Banglalink 10GB 199Tk Offer:

Now I have to show you the offer of 10 GB internet. Whose tenure is 07 days. You can have 10GB Banglink Internet Offer Amazing. They are offering 10GB internet package with just 199 taka. Remember that this offer is really good. If you want to take this offer package from here, dial the USSD code. Also you can take recharge. * 5000 * 199 # or 199 Taka Recharge to avail this offer. The expiration is 07 days.

Banglalink 12GB Offer:

Banglink Hot Internet Offer 2020! All Banglink customers will be able to enjoy 12 GB of internet for only 129 Taka. Now you can enjoy Banglink most popular internet package sitting at home. By purchasing this internet offer of Banglink you will get 1GB Toffee Internet Bonus. You can buy a 12 GB internet pack by dialing the USSD code. Dial * 5000 * 577 # to avail this offer. The duration of internet pack is 07 days. It is one of the cheapest internet packages in Banglink.

Banglink 15 GB Internet Offer:

This 15 GB Internet offer was launched for all users. They offered a 15 GB internet package for only 1500 Taka for a period of 30 days. Dial * 5000 * 510 # to start this offer. The data expiration is 30 days. Can run anytime in 24 hours.

Banglink Free Internet Offer:

Banglink offers regular internet packs as well as free internet. They provide freebies to customers. Now you can be one of these people. For that you have to follow certain rules. If you follow the rules given here, you can also get Banglink free internet offer service.

Banglink Social Pack:

Always try to bring great social pack for all users like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp. This social pack is applicable to all prepaid and call and control customers. You can use any social media as you wish. After seeing the right offer you have to activate the data pack.

Banglalink free Internet Package
Everyday many people search for Banglink internet packages. To meet their needs, BL has released new internet packages. And they are also concerned about their safety. A customer can safely take these data packages from here. There are many internet packages here, buy internet packs of your choice.


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