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HSC Exam Result 2019 Bangladesh educationboardreults govt bd

The Higher secondary certificate HSC exam result is one of the important factors for all students who participate in the HSC examination every year. There a lot of students participate for the exam of HSC (Higher secondary certificate) in every year around the whole country after Passing SSC Examination Bangladesh.

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Value of HSC examination results

The Higher secondary certificate HSC exam was the 4th public examination in the Bangladesh education systems. The first stage of public examination is primary school certificate (PSC), 2nd stage junior school certificate (JSC) examination this was announced a few years ago in Bangladesh education systems, third stage secondary school certificate HSC examination. In this country, the Higher secondary certificate (HSC) study and its final exam are the most dynamic because it is the base for further higher study for the all students. There are a lot of Higher secondary certificate college in Bangladesh. Among them, some are private and some are the government. And these colleges are provided the Higher secondary certificate HSC education. And Education board of Bangladesh are provided junior school certificate JSC, secondary school certificates SSC, and also Higher secondary certificate HSC examination all secondary and higher secondary level of education. Higher secondary certificate HSC means 12th class (year) of study in Bangladesh education systems. Students get the study of humanities, science and the business or commerce subjects. In this respect, the Higher secondary certificate HSC examination is the most important for the students as well as for their guardian and teachers.

Normally with the Higher secondary certificate  HSC examination and the equivalent examinations hold in the early March or April of the year. Sometimes the examination may interruption because of some mandatory situation, like as the political confusion. The ministry of education wants to publish result within the three months of completion of the examination.

A few of time they miss to publish the examination result in date because of political or any others instability.  After receiving the HSC exam result the students  try to admit into the different universities or graduation label study Degree or Honors and equivalent.

There are some education boards for overseeing the education of the Higher secondary certificate level. By the general education boards or Bangladesh, there are the Madrasah education board, the technical education board, and equivalent education board in Bangladesh.

The education boards manage the schools full the year in around the country. There are eight education boards in this country. They also control the all education system for their won board. And the education boards are print and publish the examination question.

After passing the HSC exams, students get their won certificate from the education board and this is the most important responsibility of the education ministry of Bangladesh.

After publication the HSC exam result, the students get the certificate.  students get their exam certificate from their won education board.

Publication of the HSC exam result is most serious. At first, The Prime Minister Office is alarm here. Officially the Prime Minister of Bangladesh publishes the most significant HSC exam result. And Before that the Education Minister usually hand over the HSC Exam result to the Prime Minister. And then publishing the result by the Prime Minister of the country, the Education Minister does a media discussion in the office of the secretariat for announcing the particulars of the HSC exam result every year and the minister also publish the Alim exam result, technical exam results, and equivalent examination results. the same day the HSC exam result available on the official website of the education ministry.

The HSC examination results are also able to get the students through by mobile SMS.


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There are five stages the education system  In Bangladesh. It starts from the primary school education PSC,  Junior school education JSC,  the secondary school education and the higher secondary education HSC. Besides the general study process, there are various other features of education. That is The Madrasa education systems, and various vocational education  and technical facilities are existing in the Bangladesh education system . This is the most common first education stage of the study is the primary school education. This is class One to class five and  After completion of the five-year education, the now the students have to promote to the secondary label of education . this certificate exam that is named the primary school certificate PSC examination or (in bangle) Shikkha somaponi porikkha. Then the students wide-ranging their junior level of study that ends with the successfully completion of the study of class eight. The SSC examination and the equivalent, Dakhil and the technical education board of the third stage and then 4th stage public examination Higher secondary certificate  HSC examination end with the class twelve (12th)  and students qualify for the HSC Higher secondary certificate examination and its equivalent.  And After passing the HSC exam, they admit for their three degrees of four year Honours level in various universities in the country or outside of Bangladesh. Students who make sure a good final result in the HSC results students can admit for graduation level study in the universities, general colleges, medical colleges and or into the mechanical or technical colleges and universities.

complete this level their graduation and they admit post graduation on the university. And very low of students do their further education with the doctorate degree or research work.

HSC exam results, Alim exam results, Vocational and Technical Exam Result in Bangladesh. Among the various level of study, the Higher secondary certificate HSC education is domineering one. At this stage of education, students make sure they qualify for graduation level and further study. After twelve class (year) of study, the students appear their Higher secondary certificate HSC examination and get the HSC exam result.

Beside the HSC exam result in Bangladesh, the equivalent exam results also publish at the same date. The Alim (madrasa) students, the technical and  vocational students also wait for their HSC exam result.


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