Shortcut key Microsoft Word. MS Word keyboard shortcut.

Keyboard shortcut or short key of Microsoft word

This is shortcut key Microsoft word. Microsoft word is the most popular software. This is designed by Microsoft company. This is worked for word processing, data entry, making Documents by a lot of languages.  We are working with ms word every day. We explain a short cut key of ms word for developing your document or word processing fast and easy.  We have to need shortcut key when create, write, edit, and copy-paste any document on our PC. even this is most important for job exam test and viva. So see shortcut key of Microsoft word.

Create, save, view and print documents shortcut keys

Ctrl+N– for Start new documents.

Ctrl+O– use for show open dialog box.

Ctrl+W– use for Stop active documents

Ctrl+S– use for save Documents.

Ctrl+P- use for printing document and show printing dialog box.

Alt+Ctrl+I–  use for print preview and select the page which will be printing.

Alt+Ctrl+P– use for showing print layout. 

Alt+Ctrl+O– use for showing outline view.

Alt+Ctrl+N–  use for showing preview draft documents. 

Microsoft word shortcut key

Microsoft word shortcut key


Find,  Replace and Browse through text- shortcut keys

Ctrl+F – use for showing search box for find with the keyword.

Alt+Ctrl+Y –  use for search another word (after replacing a word)

Ctrl +H – use for showing replace dialog box. 

Ctrl+G –  use for showing go to the dialog box.

Alt+Ctrl+ Z – use for showing last correction place of work activity.

Ctrl+PageUp – use for going last correction place.

Ctrl+PageDown – use for going next correction place.


Edit and Move Text and Graphics- shortcut keys

Backspace – use for delete a letter from the left site.

Ctrl + Backspace – use for delete a word from the left site.

Delete – use for delete a letter from right site.

Ctrl + Delete – use for delete a word from right site.

Ctrl+ Z – use for (undo) cancel last work.

Ctrl + C – use for copy selected text.

Ctrl + X – use for cut selected text.

Ctrl+V – use for past copy/cut text.

Alt+Shift +R –  use for copy part of header or footer.

Ctrl +Alt +V – use for showing special past dialog box.

Ctrl + Shift + V – use for past just format.


Insert Special Characters- shortcut keys

Ctrl+F9 – use for insert empty fields. 

Shift +Enter – use for start a new line in a paragraph.

Ctrl + Enter – use for insert page break. 

Ctrl + shift+ Enter– use for insert  column break .

Alt+Ctrl+Minus Sign – use for insert an EM dash.

Ctrl+Minus Sign – use for insert an EN dash.

Ctrl + Hyphen –  use for insert an optional hyphen.

Ctrl + Shift + Hyphen – use for insert non-breaking hyphen.

Ctrl + Shift + Spacebar – use for insert non-breaking space. 

Alt + Ctrl + C – use for insert copyright (©)sign.

Alt+Ctrl+R – use for insert registered tread mark (®)sign.

Alt+Ctrl+T – use for insert tread mark (™) sign.

Alt+Ctrl+Full Stop – use for insert tread mark (…) sign.


Select Text and Graphics- shortcut keys

Shift + Right Arrow – use for the select letter from right site.

Shift +Left Arrow – use for the select letter from left site.

Ctrl+Shift+RightArrow– use for  select word from right site.

Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow– use for select word from the left site.

Shift+End – use for select text from the end of the line.

Shift + Home  – use for select text from the start of a line.

Shift + Down Arrow – use for select  text from below a line.

Shift +Up Arrow – use for select text from up a line.

Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow – use for select text from start to end of a paragraph.

Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow – use for select text from end to start of a paragraph.

Shift+Page Down – use for select text from below screen to next screen.

Shift+Page Up – use for select text from up screen.

Ctrl+Shift+Home – use for going to start of documents.

Ctrl+Shift+End – use for going to end of documents.

Ctrl + A – use for select all text from documents.


Select Text in a Table- shortcut keys

Tab – use for select next cell from a table.

Shift +Tab – use for the select previous cell from a table.

Shift+Alt+Page Down – use for select from the previous cell to the whole column.

Shift+Alt+Page Up – use for select from next cell to the whole column.

Alt+5 on the numeric Keypad (with Num Lock off) – use for select full table.

Apply Paragraph Formatting- shortcut keys

Ctrl+1– use for set single line spacing.

Ctrl + 2– use for set double line spacing.

Ctrl+5 – use for set 1.5 line spacing.

Ctrl+0 –  use for space one line between two paragraph.

Ctrl +E– use for setting a paragraph in middle.

Ctrl+J–  use for justified alignment.

Ctrl+R– use for right alignment.

Ctrl+L–  use for left alignment.

Ctrl+M– use for indent from the left site.

Ctrl+Shift+M- use for cancel indent from the left site.

Ctrl+T- use for hanging indent.

Ctrl+Shift+T– use for slow hanging indent.

Ctrl+Q- use for remove paragraph formation.


Perform a Mail Merge- shortcut keys

Alt+shift+K– use for preview mail merge.

Alt+Shift+N– use for merged documents.

Alt+Shift+M– use for print merged documents.

Alt+Shift+E– use for delete mail merge data documents.

Alt+shift+F– use for insert merged fields.

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