Robi Internet Offer 2020 [Free & Special Offers]

Robi provides internet 2020: The Robi Internet Offer 2020 list is given below. If you are looking for different internet offers from Robi, then this post is for you. Here we have written in detail about Robi Internet Offer 2020.

As per the Robi announcement and the Robi website announcement, we have added all the internet packages here. Keep this in mind, Robi offers the most internet offers to its customers. They are also best for high volumes of data according to the speed and choice of the Internet.

Robi Internet Offer 2020

Here we have covered Robi’s various Internet bundle offers. If you are a regular internet user then you can choose the right offer from below. There are many other offers that are described as different points. We have described the Robi social data offer and the Robi scratch card offer separately.

250 MB at 46 BDT

Robi users can enjoy 250 MB of internet with validity of 28 days with 46 BDT. This offer can be activated by dialing * 121 * 110 #. Online activation is also available on the Robi website.

1 GB at 23 BDT

Robi offers you freedom of choice. If you are a heavy user then you can choose this internet offer. This offer provides you 1 GB of internet for 3 days. It costs 23 BDT. To avail this offer, recharge * 4 # or 23 BDT from Robi retailer.


750 MB for 14 days

If you want to enjoy 750 MB for 14 days then this is the best offer. You will have to pay 74 Bangladeshi Tak. This is basically a recharge internet offer. Recharge 74 Bdt to activate the proposal.


1 GB at 48 BDT

This offer is not a popular offer. With 23 BDT you can avail 1 GB for 3 days. So why this offer. By the way, if you want to activate this package dial * 123 * 48 #. Validity is 4 days from the day of activation.

1 GB 28 days

Some people can cover 1 GB of internet in a whole month. If you need long term validity, this is for you. 1 GB internet for 28 days. It is compared to other packages. You can dial 128 TK or recharging * 123 * 128 # USSD code by availing this offer. Online activation facilities are also available.


1 GB for 3 days

I could not find the difference between 1GB 23 Tk and this package. Validity and total data amount are similar to the above package. Dial * 123 * 41 # to activate these packages. It costs 41 BDT


1.1 GB for 7 days

With 101 BDT, a Robi customer can purchase 1.1 GB of internet data for 7 days. It gets this offer dial * 123 * 101 #. One can buy this offer online.

1.5 GB on 209 BDT

1.5 GB of data can be purchased online or via dialing * 123 * 209 #. It will cost 209 BDT. Validity is 30 days.

4 GB Freedom Internet Pack

This is Robi Internet’s Freedom Pack. You will get 4 GB of data with further features. The data is valid for 28 days of activation. It costs 316 BDT from your account. Robi USSD code for activation is * 4 #


2 GB Freedom Data

2 GB Freedom data can be purchased by dialing * 4 #. It will cost 54 BDT. The total validity is 54 taka. Validity is 3 days. If you like this package, you are welcome to activate it.

2 GB for 28 days

If you are a monthly user, you can check out this internet offer from Robi. Through this package, you will get 2 GB internet data for 28 days. You can take advantage of this offer in three ways. You can directly activate online, or dial * 123 * 239 #.


3 GB Freedom Internet Pack

If you are a heavy user of the week, then you can use this pack. 3 GB of data is sufficient for heavy users. You can browse unlimited websites through this pack. The cost of 3 GB internet data will be 108 BDT for 7 days. Dial * 4 # to activate this package

4 GB Freedom Internet

Robi tries to understand his customer categories. For the high-mid-level user, the 4GB Internet data pack is brought by Robi. At 316 BD, a customer can purchase this data. To activate the data, you must dial the USSD code. USSD code is * 4 #. Validity is 28 days

6 GB at 148 BDT

This offer includes 6 GB internet data with free Robi TV subscription. This package is designed for heavy internet users. 6 GB data is valid for 7 days. The package costs 148 BDT. USSD code is * 123 * 148 #

799 on 399 BDT

Robi provides 7 GB of internet for its customers. This offer is divided into 5 GB Any Network Internet and 2 GB 4G Internet. This offer will be activated and a free subscription will be given for Robi Apps and RobiTV. It will cost 399 BDT. Validity is 30 days. Activation code is * 123 * 399 #


10 GB Internet Pack

Robi customers can avail 10 GB internet pack for one month. Out of 10 GB internet, 7 GB is for any network usage and 3 GB is for 4G network only. It costs 501 BDT to activate. The total validity is 28 days. * 123 * 501 # is the activation code.


10 GB for 7 days

If you are a super high internet user, you can choose this pack. Here you will get 10 GB internet data for 7 days. It will cost only 199 BDT. Activation can be done by USSD code and online. USSD code is * 123 * 0199 #


15 GB for 28 days

This is the highest volume pack Robi Internet offers. Through this pack, a customer will get 15 GB data along with subscription to Robi TV and other Robi online apps. It will cost 649 Bangladeshi Takas. The total validity is 28 days. To avail this offer, you have to dial * 123 * 649 #


Robi Social Data Offer

The Robi Social Data Offer is dedicated only to social media users. If you are regularly using various social media like Facebook, WhatsApp and IMO. The following packages are the best option for you. You can choose any package according to your demand.


100 MB at 10 BDT

This is the lowest social media pack for subscribers. By activating this package, a user will get 60 MB of data for any website and 40 MB of data for Facebook and WhatsApp. Dial 123 * 0010 # to activate the offer. This offer will be valid for 3 days only.


200 MB on 19 BDT

The Robi user can enjoy 200 MB for 19 BDT. As per Robi’s announcement, in this offer, anyone can enjoy 100 MB data and 100 MB Facebook and WhatsApp data. You can easily activate it by dialing * 123 * 019 #. This data will be valid for 3 days.


350 MB IMO Pack

Like Facebook and WhatsApp, Robi also offers an IMO pack of 350 MB. It costs 20 BDT. It will be valid for 28 days from the date of activation. To activate this pack, dial * 123 * 56 #


350 MB Facebook and WhatsApp

Robi offers exciting Facebook and WhatsApp packages for users. With 18 BDT you will get 350 MB data for Facebook and WhatsApp. For browsing other data, the standard data rate will apply. 28 days validity will be given


800 MB @ 49 BDT

Like the scratch card offer, this offer is also providing similar data. 600 MB for any web page data and 200 MB for FB and IMO. For activation of this pack, dial * 123 * 049 #.


1 GB Facebook and WhatsApp

If you are a minimal social media user, 1GB of Facebook or WhatsApp data is enough for you. You will get 1 GB Facebook and WhatsApp for 30 days. You can activate this package online or by mobile balance. From mobile balance, you have to dial * 123 * 0250 #. It will cost 18 BDT


1GB IMO Pack

If you talked in IMO, then this pack is for you. At 53 BDT you will get 1 GB IMO. IMO packs can only be used without a proxy for IMO. You can buy this pack at * 123 * 056 # USSD code or directly online. The data will be valid for 28 days.


15 GB Robi Music & Video

You can enjoy 15 GB of Robi music and videos at 649 BDT. There are two ways to get this package. First of all, you have to recharge 649 BDT. Secondly, you can dial USSD code * 123 * 649 #. Before dialing, your account balance must be greater than 649 BDT. This offer will be valid for 30 days.


Robi Scratch Card Internet Offer

Robi scratch cards can be found at any retailer shop in Bangladesh. For users, Robi provides internet scratch cards. Through these scratch cards, you will get any type of USSD code or an internet offer without any hassle. To activate the following, you do not need to do anything special. Just buy a scratch card from any Robi retailer’s shop and recharge it.


800 MB on BDT 49

If you want to buy this data pack from scratch card, you will need 49 BDT. In this package you will get 600 MB data with 200 MB bonus. Bonus data can be used on Facebook and IMO. The total validity is 7 days. It is noted that you cannot access bonus data using a proxy browser.


200 MB on 19 BDT

This is only a data pack. You need to buy 19 BDT scratch cards from Robi retailer. Recharging 19 BDTs will give you a total of 200 MB. Out of 200 MB, 100 MB for browsing of any site and 100 MB for social media Facebook and IMO. No proxy browser can be used for social MB.


200 MB and 20 minutes at 29 BDT

This bundle pack comes with 200 MB of data and 20 minutes of talk time offer. This bundle is valid for 7 days. You have to recharge 29 BDT from scratch card. * * 3 # and * 222 * 2 # for data balance check and minute check respectively. This offer is not popular among users.


75 MB on 9 BDT

This is the lowest priced scratch card data pack. Get Robi 9 BDT from your nearest retailer. You will get 50 MB data and 25 MB Facebook and IMO bonuses. The data will be valid for 3 days. The default browser without a proxy should be used for Facebook and IMO

Terms and Conditions

  • Data volumes can be used in a 2G / 3G / 4G network environment unless otherwise noted.
  • Internet balance dial * 3 # to check, on-net minute dial * 222 * 2 # to check, off-net minute dial * 222 * 9 # to check, SMS dial * 222 * 12 # to check for.
  • All prepaid customers can purchase all of the above combo packs.
  • Only prepaid Robbie subscribers can purchase data packs by recharge. Both prepaid and postpaid customers can purchase data packs by dialing the USSD code.
  • For scratch cards, online recharge is not applicable. These packs are applicable only for online purchases through mobile balance.


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